Welcome to Inspired :)

 Inspired is a guild originally founded by Cherii and Ashley in order to bring everyone  together. This guild was born in year 2010 on eflyff. The main idea of this guild is so  that members could help one another, treating each other as a family and also to  fulfill Inspired's shared goals and objectives.

 What you need to know about Inspired is that, Inspired do not welcome drama or  fight. Just like every other guild, there are rules. Akin to any organization, Inspired  too is guided with rules, and such, impose penalties to discipline its ranks,  promoting good community relations, molding members worthy of emulations from  other players.

 We also have tons of amazing fun events and Guild Meet-Up for everyone to meet  and get to know the new members as well as the old members. How exciting! :D

 Now, if you are really wondering about the history of Inspired and how it came  alive, do not hesitate to ask and I will gladly create a post on the forum just so you  get to know how Inspired was born and what makes Inspired standing tall until  today :)

 If you need to know more, please head to the forum as everything will be updated  and included in it.

 With warm greetings and open hands, I welcome all the old and new members to  Inspired guild. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)